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The HANDMAID® team in Walla Walla, WA


Cleaning for your Physical, Mental, & Emotional Health

We are not a cleaning lady. 

Professional cleaning is a highly skilled trade & a preventive healthcare.


HANDMAID® Professional Cleaning Providers are continuously educated & Certified by the American House Cleaners Association to provide the most excellent cleaning care in the industry. 

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HANDMAID® cleaning article featured in INC magazine
HANDMAID® cleaning article featured in the Washington Post.
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HANDMAID® is forging a new way for our cleaning professionals.

Throughout history, cleaning has been seen as an unskilled & menial task, reserved for women, servants, or slaves.

This false paradigm has dictated the way that cleaning professionals have been treated, paid, and the standards delivered in their quality of work in your home or business. 

HANDMAID® is cutting the fat off the top heavy systems of old business models, &

boldly empowering our providers with career compensation, education, and creating strong teams that adopt synergetic team work & a deep sense of social responsibility in the communities they serve.

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Easy, yet 

We understand that everyone has unique needs & busy lives.


Our estimation & onboarding processes are streamlined & HIPAA compliant to save you time & stress.


We'll only collect the information we need to diagnose your exact needs and serve you in the most effective and efficient way possible. 

Prepare to experience the best professional house cleaning experience in the Walla Walla valley!

Cleaning Methods.

Man-made chemicals are dangerous for you, your family, your home or business, & pets.  


Most household cleaning agents contain chemicals that exacerbate allergies & chronic illnesses, as well as accelerate growth of harmful microbial contaminates & unhealthy indoor air quality.


For this reason, HANDMAID® is dedicated to continuous education, research, and implementing the most effective plant & mineral based products to achieve the safest & most quality cleaning results in the industry.

HANDMAID® cleaning natural cleaning products
HANDMAID® cleaning provider serving elderly client


When you hire Handmaid® professional cleaning services, you're helping others in need in your local community. 

We are proud partner's of the AHCA's Project Servants Heart Program to serve those in need in our local communities.


A portion of HANDMAID's proceeds go to providing free cleanings to those in need right here in your local community!

We understand the opportunity to serve those who are in need and cannot afford professional cleaning services as our social responsibility as civil servants in our communities.

Need help? Or know someone in need?

Tap the button below to apply. 

HANDMAID® Services

HANDMAID® Professional Cleaning Providers are educated & dedicated to delivering exceptional cleaning services in Walla Walla, promoting indoor air quality and healthier environments for every family & business that we serve.

Business woman enjoys HANDMAID® cleaning in office

We are dedicated to helping your business thrive by providing excellent, consistent, & professional cleaning services. Having a properly cleaned & sanitized environment for your employees & customers is vital to helping them feel safe, well cared for & happier overall.

Happy family comes home to a clean home.

We take pride in delivering skilled & exceptional cleaning services, promoting indoor air quality & health for every family that we serve with the implementation of the safest & most effective methods to make indoor environments, not only clean, but peaceful by addressing the small, but meaningful details. 

Tourists thrilled their vacation rental is HANDMAID® clean!

All of our Professional Cleaning Providers at Handmaid® are committed to helping you & your rental business thrive by always implementing the best and most effective methods to ensure your rental is cleaned above & beyond even your guests' expectations.

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