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 The Paradigm Shift in the Cleaning Industry Starts with Handmaid®

Become the Future of Professional Cleaning. 


Handmaid® is a principle centered private company, uplifting, educating, and giving professional cleaners a new & authentic career opportunity.

By instilling and implementing leadership over management, allowing all of our amazing cleaning professionals to be creative, innovative and embody a strong sense of social responsibility and professionalism. 


Family Security

There is nothing more important in life than your family and personal freedom as a unique individual. 

Our most important goal is to increase not only the importance of what you do, but the compensation, vital benefits and flexibility that you need to live a prosperous, balanced and happy life.

A happy family is most important to our HANDMAID® family
HANDMAID® provider Sandra Ruiz poses for photo shoot


Transformation in our industry begins here at Handmaid®.

Cleaning has always been seen as menial task and an unskilled luxury.

The profession of cleaning is actually not only one of the most important services to humanity, but is also one of the most skilled. 

HANDMAID® is dedicated to educating and empowering all of our team members, so they can perform at their highest capacities. 

Become the face of a new generation of cleaning professionals, where we are seen as professional providers of preventative healthcare and adequately respected for the first time in history.


Synergistic Team

United, we are stronger! 
Synergy is the combined ideas of two or more individuals, that creates greater and more impactful effects than the sum of their separate effects would be otherwise. 

We encourage and involve all of our professional cleaning providers to give input and discuss, research and continue providing meaningful input into our systems and cleaning methods. 

HANDMAID® providers Yolanda Hernandez & Stephanie Katsel pose for photo shoot
HANDMAID® cleaning team meeting at table


HANDMAID® is dedicated to empowering our teams as a whole. 

One of the most important aspects of empowerment, is the support and connection with other's in our company who embody the same mission. 

Our company 
structure and core values are centered on trust, appreciation and interdependent cooperation, which inspires a heightened sense of pride and belonging.

Your HANDMAID® Journey Starts
Right Here.

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Join the Team Transforming
Our Industry

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