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HANDMAID® Leads the Way

Founders of the multi-award winning Handmaid® Professional Cleaning Service are leading the professional cleaning industry & continue to help thousands of cleaning service providers & company owners become educated & more professionalized worldwide through the globally recognized residential cleaning authority, the American House Cleaners Association.

Photo by Grant Hindsely for Inc. Magazine
HANDMAID® Founders, Kevin & Grace Reynolds

A Message to Our Clients

Does cleaning overwhelm you?

Since the beginning of time, cleaning has been seen as an unimportant & unskilled labor, a task reserved for only women, servants, or slaves.


But this couldn't be further from the truth.

Proper cleaning & sanitization requires a significant amount of physical & mental energy & time. Most people don't realize that cleaning requires a high level of skill and experience to achieve quality results. 



Because proper cleaning & sanitization is one of the most skilled trades within the home service industry.


Not only does cleaning require knowledge of science, chemistry, pH, cleaning agents, mediums, equipment, & how to properly utilize & apply them to so many different surfaces, fixtures, & finishes, cleaning in action is an art which requires a great deal of skill & constant focus on what you are doing and how you are doing it. 

If you've been feeling overwhelmed & guilty for not keeping your home or business as clean as you know it should be and want it to be...


Let go of the shame right now!


Proper cleaning & sanitization isn't just an easy task that you aren't making enough time for. 

This is a science, an art, and a professional trade.

Heather Eichhorn & Stephanie Katsel of HANDMAID® pose for photo shoot in Walla Walla, WA
HANDMAID® Cleaning Providers, Heather & Stephanie

Our Products 

Cleaning chemicals have always been at the forefront of the cleaning industry, even above the people actually using them. 

Identifying safe & natural products is unfortunately impossible to distinguish for most of the general public.


"Eco-friendly" & "green" labels are usually deceiving, and the EPA doesn't require chemical manufactures to list their ingredients. 

Many household cleaners are causing serious illnesses, such as respiratory diseases & cancer.


Almost all cleaning chemicals available on the shelves are chuck-full of ingredients that are harmful for not only your health, but for surfaces as well. 

Our Handmaid® team is dedicated to ongoing research & development to provide the safest and most effective cleaning methods for our providers, your family, home, business, and pets. 

Our Team

Throughout history cleaning has been seen as an unskilled & unimportant work. 

This false paradigm has dictated the way that cleaning professionals have been treated, paid & the standards delivered in their quality of work.  

We are cutting the fat off the top heavy systems of old business models, and boldly empowering our providers with career compensation & education, creating leaders who adopt synergetic team work & a deep sense of social responsibility for our communities as preventative health care providers. 

Photo by Grant Hindsely for Inc. Magazine
HANDMAID® Providers, Celedonia Bedolla & Heather EIchhorn with founders Kevin and Grace Reynolds for INC magazine shoot
HANDMAID® Cleaning Providers, Celedonia & Heather with founders Kevin and Grace Reynolds
Kevin & Grace Reynolds and HANDMAID® were chosen for the 2020 FB Global Marketing Solutions Summit keynote delivered by FB VP of SMB, Rich Rao. Watch our story here!

Our Story

Kevin & Grace Reynolds have chosen to dedicate their lives to the mission of bringing about a paradigm shift surrounding the trade of cleaning. 

They have devoted many years & continue to educate & uplift thousands of cleaning companies & providers to understand the significant impact their work has on the world around them, & the delicate complexity of the science & skill behind the results they produce in every home and business. 

Kevin & Grace's ultimate goal is to make a significant impact on improving the health of every person, while paving the way to removing the distorted lens that has dictated this trade, creating a new and abiding reverence for the providers of this beautiful & vital trade.


HANDMAID® in the Press

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